How to fix stick drift ps5 Controllers Step by Step Guide

how to fix stick drift ps5

The joys of gaming can quickly turn to frustration when you encounter the infamous stick drift issue on your PS5 controller. here is our easy guide how to fix stick drift ps5.

This problem can lead to inaccurate responses, where the analog sticks seemingly move on their own accord. But fear not, for this guide will walk you through the steps to bring your gameplay back into accurate alignment.

Stick drift is an annoyance at best and a game-ruiner at worst. Whether your character moves when they shouldn’t or your aim drifts off target, this issue hampers your control. Fortunately, with a few steps, you can often remedy the problem at home.

how to fix stick drift ps5 controller

Step 1: Assessing the Issue

Before you get started with any fixes, it’s essential to understand what you’re dealing with:

  • Signs of Stick Drift: Unintended movements in-game, cursor drift in menus or inconsistent responses.
  • Potential Causes: Wear and tear, accumulation of dust inside the controller, or firmware glitches.

Step 2: Cleaning the Controller

Often, cleaning out dirt and debris can remedy stick drift:

  • Tools Needed: Isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher), cotton swabs, microfiber cloth, compressed air can (optional).
  • Cleaning Process: 
  1. Gently apply the alcohol to the cotton swab; avoid over-saturation.
  2. Circle the analog stick with the swab, reaching into the crevices as much as possible without forcing it.
  3. Gently move the stick around to allow deeper access and cleaning.
  4. Use compressed air can to blow away any loose debris.
  5. Wipe the area with a microfiber cloth to dry and remove any leftover grime.

Step 3: Adjusting Dead Zones

If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, dead zones can be adjusted to ignore minor stick movements:

  • How to Adjust Dead Zones:
  1. Go to the PS5 settings menu.
  2. Find the controller settings.
  3. Adjust the dead zones for the analog sticks, testing incrementally until the drift stops.

Step 4: Firmware Update

Ensuring your controller is up to date can also fix the issue:

  • Why Updates Matter: Firmware updates can fix bugs that may cause stick drift.
  • Update Process: 
  1. Connect the controller to your PS5 with a USB cable.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install any available updates. 
  3. Restart your PS5 and test the controller for stick drift.

Step 5: Seeking Professional Help

If all else fails, it might be time to look for professional repair:

  • Professional Repair: Find an authorized repair center or a reputable electronics repair shop. Explain the steps you’ve already attempted so they have a clear understanding of the issue. 

how to fix controller drift ps5

Troubleshooting Tips

Encountering difficulties? Keep in mind these tips:

  • Be meticulous in cleaning, adjust dead zones with small increments, and double-check connections during firmware updates.
  • Consider a controller reset as a last resort. It will erase all settings and data, requiring you to start anew with your controller.
  • If the drift persists or worsens, consider taking advantage of any warranties or guarantees on your PS5 controller.

Additional Tips

  • If the above steps don’t work, you may need to replace the controller.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent stick drift in the future. 
  • If you are experiencing consistent stick drift on multiple controllers, there may be a hardware issue with your PS5 console. Contact customer support for further assistance.

Now you know how to fix stick drift on your PS5 controller! By following these steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions On how to fix stick drift ps5 Controllers

Is there a way to fix stick drift PS5?

Yes, stick drift on a PS5 controller can be addressed in several ways, including recalibrating the controller, cleaning under the thumbstick, or replacing the analog stick modules. For those not comfortable performing these fixes themselves, seeking professional repair services is advised.

Can stick drift be fixed?

Stick drift can indeed be fixed through methods such as recalibration, cleaning, or part replacement. The approach depends on the specific cause of the drift.

Does PS5 warranty cover stick drift?

The standard PS5 warranty typically covers stick drift issues, provided they occur within the warranty period and under normal usage conditions. It’s best to check the warranty details or contact customer support for confirmation.

Which PS5 controller doesn’t drift?

No PS5 controller is guaranteed to never experience drift, as drift can result from wear and tear or manufacturing inconsistencies. However, regular maintenance and gentle use can minimize the risk.

What causes PS5 controller drift?

PS5 controller drift can be caused by dirt and debris getting under the thumbstick, wear and tear on the controller’s internal mechanisms, or manufacturing defects.

Will Sony fix PS5 controller drift for free?

Sony may fix PS5 controller drift for free if the controller is still under warranty. It’s advisable to contact Sony’s customer service for specific terms and conditions.

Can you sue Sony for stick drift?

Suing a company like Sony for stick drift is technically possible and has been attempted in the form of class-action lawsuits concerning similar issues. However, the success of such legal action can vary and may require significant effort and legal counsel.

How much does PS5 controller repair cost?

The cost to repair a PS5 controller can vary widely depending on the nature of the problem and the service provider. Outside of warranty repairs might range from $20 to $60+.

What causes stick drift?

Stick drift in controllers is generally caused by wear and tear, the accumulation of dirt and debris, or potential manufacturing flaws affecting the joystick potentiometers.

What controller has no stick drift?

No controller is immune to stick drift, but high-quality controllers with more durable components may have a lower incidence rate of drift over time.

Can a bad battery cause stick drift?

A bad battery is unlikely to cause stick drift. Stick drift is more closely related to issues with the controller’s analog sticks and their mechanisms.

What prevents stick drift?

Preventative measures against stick drift include regular cleaning of the controller, avoiding rough handling, and using the controller gently to reduce wear and tear.

How do you manually fix stick drift?

Manually fixing stick drift can involve cleaning the affected joystick, recalibrating the controller via its settings, or in more severe cases, replacing the joystick module.

Does deadzone affect stick drift?

Adjusting the deadzone settings can reduce the noticeable effects of stick drift by ignoring minor unintentional movements, but it doesn’t fix the underlying cause.

Does stick drift affect aim?

Yes, stick drift can significantly affect aiming, causing unintended movement or cursor drift, making precision aiming in games challenging.

Why am I so bad at aiming with a controller?

Difficulty aiming with a controller can stem from a variety of factors, including sensitivity settings, lack of practice, or issues like stick drift affecting precision.

Does stick drift always happen?

Stick drift is a common issue but doesn’t always happen. It’s more likely to occur with age and extensive use of a controller.

How common is PS5 stick drift?

While not every PS5 controller will experience stick drift, it is a relatively common issue reported by users, particularly with significant use over time.

How to clean PS5 controller?

Cleaning a PS5 controller involves using a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the surface and using compressed air to remove dust and debris from around the buttons and thumbstick.

What is the deadzone on PS5?

The deadzone on a PS5 refers to a sensitivity threshold for the joystick, where minor movements within this zone do not register as movement in the game, helping to prevent unintentional cursor or character movements.

What is deadzoning?

Deadzoning is the process of adjusting the deadzone settings on a controller to ignore minor, unintentional stick movements, often used to mitigate stick drift.

Is it better to have higher or lower Deadzone?

Whether it’s better to have a higher or lower deadzone depends on personal preference and playstyle. A lower deadzone offers more sensitivity but can make unintentional drift more noticeable, whereas a higher deadzone reduces sensitivity and can mitigate drift effects but might require more deliberate movements for game input.

Is Lower Stick Deadzone better?

A lower stick deadzone offers more precise control as it allows for finer movements to be registered, but it can make stick drift more apparent. It is often preferred by players who value precision and are willing to frequently calibrate or maintain their controllers.

What should Deadzone be set at?

The ideal deadzone setting varies by player and game. It’s recommended to start with the game’s default setting and adjust incrementally to find a balance between responsiveness and minimizing unintended movements.

What deadzone do pros use?

Professional gamers often use a lower deadzone setting to maximize precision and responsiveness. However, the exact setting can vary based on personal preference and the specific game being played.

What happens if your Deadzone is too high?

If the deadzone is set too high, the controller may not register slight movements, making precise aiming or movement difficult. This can hinder gameplay, especially in genres requiring accuracy.

Does deadzone affect aim assist?

The deadzone setting itself doesn’t directly affect aim assist features in games, but a very high deadzone could potentially make it harder to activate aim assist by requiring more pronounced movements to aim.

Can you fix controller deadzone?

It’s possible to adjust the deadzone settings within many games or gaming software to mitigate the effects of stick drift, but this doesn’t physically fix a damaged or worn-out joystick.

How do you reduce Deadzone?

Reducing deadzone involves adjusting the controller or game settings to make the joystick more sensitive to smaller movements, with the trade-off of possibly experiencing more unintentional inputs.

Can you change deadzone on PS5?

Some PS5 games and third-party controller software allow you to change the deadzone settings, though it’s not a system-wide setting available directly through the PS5 console’s operating system.

How do you fix deadzone stick drift?

Fixing deadzone stick drift can be approached by adjusting the deadzone settings to be less sensitive to minor movements, cleaning the controller, or replacing the affected joystick components.

Why are dead zones bad?

While dead zones can help mitigate unintentional movements, too large a deadzone can negatively impact gameplay, making controllers less responsive and precise movements harder to achieve.

How long do dead zones last?

The duration of a deadzone’s effectiveness varies depending on the game, controller condition, and how the settings are managed. Adjustments may need to be made periodically as the controller ages or if the game’s demands change.

What are 3 causes of dead zones?

Three common causes of dead zones in natural settings (e.g., aquatic dead zones) are nutrient pollution leading to excessive algae growth, oxygen depletion in water bodies, and changes in water circulation patterns.

In the context of controllers, dead zones can be caused by various factors such as wear and tear, manufacturing defects, or physical damage to the joystick components.

Some games may also have settings that unintentionally create dead zones within the gameplay mechanics. It’s essential to regularly maintain controllers and adjust settings appropriately to prevent or address dead zone issues.


With these steps, you stand a good chance of fixing stick drift. Remember, consistent maintenance and keeping firmware up-to-date can prevent future issues. Happy gaming, and may your sticks always stay true!

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