Samsung QN90C vs QN85C Review: What’s the Best Choice?

samsung qn90c vs qn85c

In the world of high-definition entertainment, Samsung QN90C vs QN85C stands out with its cutting-edge technology and superior display quality.

Two of their latest offerings in the QLED 4K TV segment, the Samsung QN90C and QN85C have been making waves among home entertainment enthusiasts, gamers, and tech-savvy consumers.

But which one should you choose for your living room? This comparison seeks to shed light on their key features, differences, and how they cater to different audiences. 

QN85C Model Details

For those who prioritize the pinnacle of entertainment, the QN85QN85C model stands out with its offerings tailored to enhance every aspect of your viewing and auditory experience. This model is available in several sizes, ensuring a fit for every space and preference, with options including:

  • Size: 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and the expansive 85-inch, ensuring a perfect match for any room size or viewing distance.

qn85c tv details


Style & Soundbar Options

To elevate your cinematic adventure, the QN85QN85C comes with various style options, allowing users to pair their smart TVs with a selection of high-quality soundbars for an unparalleled audio experience. The available configurations are:

  • TV w/Q700C Soundbar: An optimal blend of visual and auditory harmony.
  • TV Only: For those who already have a sound system or prefer the TV’s built-in speakers.
  • TV w/Q800C Soundbar: Step up your sound with deeper bass and more transparent dialogue.
  • TV w/Q900C Soundbar: For the discerning audiophile seeking immersive audio.
  • TV w/Q910C Soundbar: Elevate your audio experience with this superior soundbar.
  • TV w/Q990C Soundbar: The ultimate in sound technology for the most demanding users.
  • TV w/S800B Soundbar: A sleek design complemented by rich, detailed sound.
  • TV w/S801B Soundbar: For an aesthetic blend of sound quality and design.

qn90c tv details


Intelligent Features & Alexa Integration

The QN85QN85C is not only about breathtaking visuals and enveloping sound; it’s also intelligent. Certified by Amazon, this smart TV facilitates a frictionless interaction with Alexa. Enjoy the flexibility of voice control:

  • Push-to-Talk: Available in specific models, requiring the user to press and hold a button on the remote to communicate with Alexa.
  • Hands-Free Operations: Other models offer a hands-free experience, letting you issue commands freely to Alexa without needing any remote.

Leverage Alexa to play your favourite music, engage in interactive games, check the latest weather updates, control your smart home devices, and much more. The QN85QN85C is designed to be more than just a TV; it’s your gateway to an interconnected smart home experience.

Size & Style Options

The Samsung QN90C and QN85C models boast a variety of sizes and style options to cater to different preferences and home setups, including:

  • Size: Available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and the substantial 85-inch options.
  • Style: Consumers can choose the standalone TV or bundle options with soundbars for enhanced audio experiences. Bundle options include:
  • TV Only
  • TV w/Q700C Soundbar
  • TV w/Q800C Soundbar
  • TV w/Q900C Soundbar
  • TV w/Q910C Soundbar
  • TV w/Q990C Soundbar
  • TV w/S800B Soundbar
  • TV w/S801B Soundbar

Alexa Integration

This smart TV has been honoured with an Amazon certification, promising a seamless interaction with Alexa. The integration varies across models, where some support the Push-to-Talk functionality, which necessitates holding the button on your remote to communicate with Alexa.

Conversely, other models boast hands-free operations, allowing for an even more convenient user experience. With Alexa’s assistance, users can effortlessly play music, engage in games, receive weather updates, manage their smart home devices, and access a plethora of other services directly through their smart TVs.


The Samsung QN90C and QN85C share the same sleek and modern design with a slim bezel, making them virtually edge-to-edge displays. The only noticeable difference is that the QN90C has a brushed metal finish on its stand, giving it a more premium look compared to the glossy black stand of the QN85C.

Both TVs come with a One Connect box, which houses all the ports and allows for easy cable management. They also have a clean back design, making them ideal for wall-mounting. Overall, both models offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that will complement any living room.


Both the QN90C and QN85C boast impressive 4K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth and sharp visuals. They also utilize Quantum Dot technology, which produces over a billion shades of colour for vibrant and lifelike images.

However, the QN90C takes it up a notch with its Ultra Viewing Angle feature, providing wider viewing angles and minimizing colour distortion when viewed from the sides.

This makes it an ideal option for large living rooms or households with multiple viewing angles. The QN85C, on the other hand, offers a more traditional viewing experience with slightly narrower viewing angles.


One of the standout features of both TVs is Samsung’s Ambient Mode, which transforms the display into a virtual picture frame when not in use. It also has built-in voice assistants such as Bixby and Alexa, allowing for hands-free control.

However, the QN90C has an edge with its Object Tracking Sound+ feature, which uses AI technology to adjust sound based on the movement of objects on the screen. This creates a more immersive audio experience, perfect for movie nights or gaming sessions.


Speaking of gaming, both the QN90C and QN85C are equipped with gaming-specific features such as FreeSync and Dynamic Black Equalizer, making them ideal for console or PC gaming. However, the QN90C once again takes the lead with its low input lag and Auto Game Mode, which automatically optimizes settings for a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

Key Features at a Glance

| Feature | Samsung QN90C | Samsung QN85C |


| Screen Size | 65 Inches | 85 Inches |

| Display Technology | QLED | QLED |

| Resolution | 4K | 4K |

| Refresh Rate | 120 Hz | 120 Hz |

| Special Features | Quantum Matrix, Neural Quantum Processor 4K, Anti-Glare, Object Tracking Sound+ | Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs, Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling, Dolby Atmos |

| Supported Internet Services| Apple TV+, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu | Apple TV+, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu |

| Dimensions | 11.2″D x 56.9″W x 35.1″H | 12.9″D x 74.5″W x 45.1″H |

The Big Differences

Quantum Matrix and Mini LEDs

While both models feature Quantum Matrix technology, the QN90C adds an Anti-Glare treatment and an additional emphasis on deep blacks and brightness uniformity, making it an ideal choice for brightly lit rooms. In contrast, the QN85C emphasizes its Mini LED technology for sensational colour and contrast, perfect for cinematic experiences.

Neural Quantum Processor

The QN90C is equipped with a Neural Quantum Processor 4K focusing on an optimized viewing angle and anti-glare, enhancing the gaming and movie-watching experience by providing more explicit pictures from any viewing position.

The QN85C, however, uses its Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling to transform non-4K content into near-4K quality, making every content viewing an up-level experience.

qn90c cable side
Samsung QN90C


Audio Experience

Both models boast sophisticated audio technologies, but the QN90C introduces Object Tracking Sound+ and Q-Symphony, aligning the audio with the action on the screen precisely.

However, the QN85C takes it a notch higher with Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound, providing a more immersive 3D audio experience.

Gamers’ Advantage

The QN90C offers Anti-Glare with an Ultra Viewing Angle for gamers, ensuring no distraction during intense gaming sessions.

In contrast, the QN85C comes with Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ for seamless action and 4K visuals at speeds up to 120Hz, prioritizing smooth performance in fast games.

qn85c tv cable side
Samsung QN85C


Who Wins for What?

Home Entertainment Enthusiasts

If your goal is creating a home cinema that rivals theatres, the Samsung QN85C, with its larger screen size and emphasis on cinematic audio and picture quality, is your best bet.


For gamers, especially those who play in brightly lit rooms, the Samsung QN90C, with its Anti-Glare feature and optimized viewing angle, ensures you get the best gaming experience without distractions.

Tech-Savvy Consumers

Tech enthusiasts looking for the latest in display and sound technology will find the QN85C thrilling, given its advanced Quantum Processor and support for Dolby Atmos, offering a future-proof investment.

Pros and Cons

When evaluating the Samsung QN90C and QN85C, it’s crucial to consider their strengths and weaknesses to determine which television best meets your needs:

Samsung QN90C


  • Ultra Viewing Angle and Anti-Glare: Enhances viewing in brightly lit environments, making it versatile for different room settings.
  • Object Tracking Sound+: Provides an immersive audio experience by aligning sound with the action on the screen, ideal for movies and gaming.
  • Low Input Lag and Auto Game Mode: Offers a more responsive gaming experience, crucial for competitive gaming.
  • Ambient Mode: Transforms the TV into a piece of art when not in use, adding to room aesthetics.


  • Price: More premium features come at a higher cost, making it less accessible for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Size Options: Limited extensive size options compared to the QN85C, possibly a drawback for those wanting a giant screen.

Samsung QN85C


  • 85-inch Option: The larger screen size is perfect for a cinematic experience, making it ideal for home theatres.
  • Mini LEDs Technology: Offers sensational colour and contrast, enhancing the viewing experience for cinematic content.
  • Dolby Atmos: Provides an even more immersive audio experience with 3D sound, elevating movies and music.
  • 4K Upscaling: Makes non-4K content look nearly as good as 4K, enhancing overall content viewing.


  • Narrower Viewing Angles: Without the Ultra Viewing Angle feature, the viewing experience could degrade from off-centre positions.
  • Less Optimized for Brightly Lit Rooms: With the Anti-Glare feature of the QN90C, it might perform better in very bright environments.

In conclusion, the choice between the Samsung QN90C and QN85C depends on personal preferences and specific use cases. The QN90C shines in gaming and brightly lit environments, while the QN85C is a powerhouse for cinematic experiences and more significant group viewings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Samsung QN90C vs QN85C

Can I wall-mount both the Samsung QN90C and QN85C models?

Yes, both the Samsung QN90C and QN85C models are compatible with standard VESA mounts, allowing for easy wall mounting. Be sure to use a mount that supports the size and weight of the specific model you own.

Do these models support smart home integration?

Both models are equipped with SmartThings, allowing for seamless integration with various smart home devices and ecosystems. This feature enables you to control your TV and connected devices all from one place.

What is the warranty period for these TVs?

Samsung offers a one-year warranty for the QN90C and QN85C models that covers any manufacturing defects. Extended warranties may be available for purchase through Samsung or authorized retailers.

Are these models suitable for gaming on next-gen consoles?

Yes, both the QN90C and QN85C support gaming at 4K resolution up to 120Hz, making them ideal for next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. They also feature low input lag and Auto Game Mode for an enhanced gaming experience.

How do the QN90C and QN85C handle non-4K content?

The QN90C and QN85C both feature Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K with AI Upscaling, which effectively transforms lower-resolution content into stunning near-4K quality. This ensures that all your content, regardless of its original resolution, looks crisp and detailed.

Can the ambient mode display personal photos?

Yes, the ambient mode on these models allows you to display personal photos or artwork, transforming your TV into a decorative piece when not in use. This mode also includes various themes that mimic the texture of your wall, blending the TV seamlessly into your decor.

Is there a difference in the energy consumption between the two models?

While both models are designed to be energy-efficient, the larger screen size and additional features of the QN85C may result in slightly higher energy consumption compared to the QN90C. Exact energy usage can be found in the specifications section on Samsung’s website or in the user manual.

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Conclusion: Samsung QN90C vs QN85C

Both the Samsung QN90C and QN85C are powerhouses in their own right, catering to slightly different audiences with their unique features.

The QN90C shines in gaming applications and bright rooms thanks to its anti-glare technology and superior viewing angles. On the other hand, if an exceptional cinematic experience is what you’re after, with a humungous screen and breathtaking sound, the QN85C will not disappoint.

Selecting between these two boils down to what you prioritize most—be it gaming, movies, or general tech prowess. Whichever you choose, Samsung’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures a remarkable viewing experience that is sure to please.