Tv Guide in Phoenix Tv Schedule: Must-See Shows!

tv guide in phoenix


For the latest TV schedule in Phoenix (TV Guide in Phoenix) viewers can check local listings and programming updates. Cable and satellite subscribers can find their Phoenix TV guide through their service providers.

Navigating the television landscape in Phoenix can be a breeze with the right resources. Arizonans looking for their favorite shows, news broadcasts, or live sports events should always turn to the most current TV guide specific to the Phoenix area.

With numerous channels and a diverse array of content, staying informed about the schedule can ensure viewers never miss out on key programs. Cable companies like Cox and streaming platforms provide easy access to these schedules online, while local newspapers often print daily listings. Tailoring your entertainment schedule means being one step ahead, so always keep your preferred viewing guide handy to make the most of your TV experience.

Phoenix Tv Scene

Welcome to the vibrant Phoenix TV Scene, where the desert meets drama, comedy, and reality. This southwestern hub beams with diverse programming that caters to every television enthusiast’s taste. With a bustling schedule filled with shows that portray the unique local flair and prime-time hits, Phoenix residents always have something captivating to watch.

Cultural Buzz And Local Favorites

Phoenix displays a rich tapestry of local programming that highlights its cultural diversity. Captivating audiences with shows that explore the arts, cuisine, and history of the region, these local treasures are a must-watch:

  • Desert Canvas: Art in the heart of Arizona.
  • Sonoran Flavors: A culinary journey through local kitchens.
  • Phoenix Past: Exploring the storied streets of the city.

These shows create a cultural buzz, putting Phoenix on the map as a center for entertainment.

Prime-time Staples

When the stars light up the Arizona sky, the prime-time lineup kicks into high gear. Viewers settle in for a night filled with drama, laughter, and thrills. These prime-time staples become nightly rituals:

Time SlotShow NameGenre
7 PMDesert DetectiveDrama
8 PMLaughing Under the SunComedy
9 PMArizona’s Got TalentReality

These well-loved shows ensure that every evening offers entertainment excellence.

Tv Guide in Phoenix Tv Schedule: Must-See Shows!

Navigating The Schedule

Discover what’s hot on Phoenix TV this week! With countless channels and shows, it’s easy to miss your favorites. Not anymore! This guide simplifies your viewing experience.

Weekly Highlights

Stay updated with must-see TV. Our Weekly Highlights feature the top shows and premieres coming to Phoenix screens. Never miss an episode of your beloved series.

  • Sunday Blockbusters: Prime-time movies to end your week.
  • Midweek Madness: Hilarious sitcoms to brighten your Wednesday.
  • Family Fridays: Enjoy family-friendly shows together.

Late-night Gems

Discover the hidden treasures of late-night TV. From edgy comedies to insightful interviews, these picks ensure your nights are as entertaining as ever.

DayShow NameTime
MondayThe Funny Side Up11:30 PM
WednesdayNight Owls Cinema12:00 AM
FridayJazz After Dark1:15 AM

Set your DVR and enjoy these Late-Night Gems. You won’t regret staying up!

Diverse Genres For Varied Tastes

The Phoenix TV schedule offers shows for everyone. Drama lovers and comedy enthusiasts will find their evenings well-spent with the vast selection of television programs available.

Dramas That Captivate

Find gripping stories and complex characters every night. The drama genre brings excitement and intrigue to the Phoenix TV schedule. Here are the top picks, noted for their outstanding storylines and remarkable performances:

  • Courtroom Conundrums: Lawyers and legal battles that will keep you guessing.
  • Crime and Resolution: Detectives solving mysteries that hook you till the end.
  • Historical Epics: Dive into the past with shows that make history come alive.

Comedies To Lighten Your Day

Laugh out loud with sitcoms and stand-up specials. The comedy lineup in Phoenix is sure to brighten your mood and bring a smile to your face. Enjoy these fan favorites for a dose of laughter:

  • Family Funnies: Sitcoms that turn everyday life into endless humor.
  • Workplace Wit: Office antics that are ridiculously relatable.
  • Sketch Spectacles: Short, snappy sketches that deliver quick laughs.

Local News And Current Events

Staying informed about local news and events matters to Phoenix residents. Phoenix TV Schedule offers a comprehensive guide to local news coverage. Trustworthy anchor teams and in-depth reporting ensure viewers are well-informed. With a variety of programs scheduled, finding current events coverage tailored to your interests is simple and convenient.

Anchor Teams You Trust

Leading the way in providing facts-first news reporting, Phoenix’s anchor teams are among the most respected in the industry. These are the faces and voices that bring you breaking news, expert analysis, and a range of perspectives.

  • Experienced professionals committed to journalistic integrity.
  • Connection to the community with local storytelling.
  • Diverse backgrounds and specializations.

In-depth Reporting

Deep-dives into critical issues shape our understanding and impact on the world. Phoenix TV Schedule’s in-depth segments are meticulously researched. Expect features that go beyond the surface of trending stories.

  1. Investigative journalism that holds power to account.
  2. Feature stories on community interests.
  3. Pertinent information on local politics, education, and healthcare.

Sports Frenzy: Catch The Action

Excitement buzzes through Phoenix as sports fans gear up for a diverse TV schedule. ‘Sports Frenzy: Catch the Action’ brings you every heart-stopping moment. From local team triumphs to national sports showdowns, your TV guide is your ticket to the game.

Hometown Heroes

Phoenix boasts teams that light up our sports spirit. Find every game time and channel for our local stars below:

  • Arizona Cardinals – Football Sundays
  • Phoenix Suns – Basketball evenings
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Baseball nights
  • Arizona Coyotes – Hockey weekends

Never miss a home game. Explore detailed schedules in the TV listings.

National Games On Local Tv

Nationwide competitions come to your living room. Cheer on top athletes from across the country. Discover the broadcast times:

Wednesday8 PMMLBFOX Sports
Friday9 PMNHLNBC Sports
Saturday12 PMNCAA FootballABC

From Monday night basketball to Saturday college football, watch heroics unfold on your screen.

Tv Guide in Phoenix Tv Schedule: Must-See Shows!

Educational Programming: Learning Made Fun

Phoenix TV schedules are packed with shows that both entertain and educate. Children and adults alike can discover fascinating knowledge through engaging programs. Let’s explore shows that make learning an adventure!

Kids Shows With A Purpose

Bright colors, friendly characters, and catchy songs are just the beginning. Phoenix TV offers a variety of kids’ shows that are more than just fun.

  • Math Mania: Join adventurous characters as they solve puzzles and teach counting skills!
  • History Heroes: Time travel has never been so informative. Watch heroes explore important past events.
  • Science Explorers: From dinosaurs to space, budding scientists will love these fun experiments and explorations.

Documentaries That Inspire

Inspirational stories and breathtaking visuals come together in Phoenix TV’s lineup of documentaries.

TitleThemeAir Date
Planet ProtectorsEnvironmental conservationEvery Thursday at 8 PM
Inventor ChroniclesGreat minds and their creationsSaturdays at 11 AM
Wildlife WondersExploring animal habitatsWeekdays at 3 PM

Each show is an opportunity to spark curiosity and inspire viewers to learn more about the world around them.

Late-night Talk Shows

Welcome to the world of Late-Night Talk Shows in Phoenix TV Schedule. As the city sleeps, a different world comes to life on your screens. These shows offer a blend of humor, celebrity gossip, and thought-provoking conversations. Stay tuned as we navigate through the best of nighttime entertainment.

Laughter And Conversations

Phoenix nights shine bright with laughter. Tune in to laugh out loud and enjoy good banter. Catch your favorite hosts as they blend comedy with engaging discussions.

Late-night shows are the go-to for your daily dose of fun. They bring smiles with jokes and skits. Phoenix has a robust lineup that promises not just laughs but also insightful conversations.

Celebrity Encounters

Star-studded evenings await with celebrity interviews. From movie stars to musicians, late-night talk shows in Phoenix bring you face-to-face with your idols.

Watch celebrities share stories, insights, and anecdotes. Enjoy the casual setting as hosts delve into the lives of the famous. Here’s a glimpse at the star encounters ready for you:

  • Behind-the-scenes tales from the movie sets
  • Intimate music performances
  • First-hand celebrity news and updates

Weekend Specials

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Phoenix TV weekend specials! Brighten your weekend with a blend of back-to-back movies and thrilling reality shows. Below, find how to plan your leisure time with the best of what Phoenix TV has to offer.

Movie Marathons

Catch your favorite film series without interruption. Perfect for family movie night or a solo binge-watch, these marathons bring top blockbusters to your living room. Here’s what’s lighting up screens this weekend:

  • Action Pack: Non-stop thrills starting Saturday at 2 PM.
  • Family Flicks: Wholesome films that charm viewers of all ages beginning Sunday at 11 AM.
  • RomCom Rendezvous: Beloved romantic comedies kick off at 8 PM Saturday.

Reality Tv Escapes

Dive into different lives and exotic locales from the comfort of your couch. Reality TV escapades are your ticket to unwind after a busy week. This weekend’s hottest reality shows include:

Cooking With ChefsSaturday, 5 PM
Extreme Makeover HomesSunday, 1 PM
Survivor: Deserted IslandSunday, 7 PM


Holiday And Seasonal Events

Welcome to the sparkling season of cheer in Phoenix! During the holidays, the television schedule is packed with special events. These shows bring families together and create lasting memories. From delightful festive showcases to time-honored annual telecasts, Phoenix TV has something for everyone. Make room in your calendar for these don’t-miss broadcasts!

Festive Showcases

Phoenix TV’s festive showcases are a visual treat. These programs feature everything from dazzling light displays to holiday parades.

  • Christmas Light Competitions: Neighbors battle to have the brightest house on the block.
  • Cookie Baking Championships: Watch chefs create edible masterpieces.
  • Holiday Parades: Marching bands and festive floats fill the screen.

Catch these festive specials:

Show NameDateTime
Lights, Camera, Christmas!December 7th8 PM
The Great Cookie ShowdownDecember 12th6 PM
Phoenix Holiday ParadeDecember 19th10 AM

Annual Telecasts

Annual telecasts are like beloved holiday traditions. These are shows viewers look forward to all year round.

  1. Thanksgiving Day Parade: A morning filled with balloons and cheer.
  2. Countdown to New Year: Ring in the New Year with top-notch entertainment.
  3. Independence Day Fireworks: The sky lights up with patriotic splendor.

Set reminders for these classic shows:

American Thanksgiving ParadeNovember 25th9 AM
New Year’s Eve CountdownDecember 31st11 PM
Fourth of July SpectacularJuly 4th8 PM
Tv Guide in Phoenix Tv Schedule: Must-See Shows!

Accessing Phoenix Tv Anywhere

Stay connected with your beloved Phoenix TV shows, no matter where you roam. Now, you can catch up on local news and entertainment at your convenience. All it takes is an internet connection and a smart device!

H3: Streaming Services for On-the-Go

Streaming Services For On-the-go

Never miss an episode again with these top streaming platforms:

  • Hulu + Live TV: Offers a mix of live and on-demand content
  • Sling TV: Flexible packages tailored to your needs
  • YouTube TV: User-friendly interface, excellent for all ages
  • Philo: Affordable and includes many popular channels

All these services provide mobile apps for iOS and Android. Stream live TV wherever you are.

H3: Cable Alternatives

Cable Alternatives

Are you ready to say goodbye to traditional cable? Here’s how:

ServiceKey FeatureStarting Price
AT&T TV NowAccess to premium channels$55/month
fuboTVSports-centric channel lineup$64.99/month
PlayStation VueRobust multichannel plans$50/month

Choose what fits your wallet and watchlist. No box, no extra cables required!


Frequently Asked Questions On Tv Guide In Phoenix Tv Schedule

What Shows Are On Phoenix Tv Tonight?

Phoenix TV’s nightly schedule includes local news, popular sitcoms, drama series, and late-night talk shows. Viewers can check the specific times and channels on the Phoenix TV Guide website or their cable provider’s schedule.

How To Find Phoenix Tv Listings?

Phoenix TV listings can be found on the network’s official website or through a digital TV guide app. Cable and satellite subscribers can also browse their on-screen guide for the latest schedule updates in the Phoenix area.

Can I Stream Phoenix Tv Live Online?

Yes, many Phoenix TV channels offer live streaming on their websites or through dedicated apps. Check each channel’s availability for online streaming options and subscription requirements, if any.

Are There Any New Series Premiering In Phoenix?

New series premieres in Phoenix are often advertised in advance. Check the Phoenix TV Schedule and local entertainment news sources for information on upcoming shows and pilot episodes.

What are the local TV channels in Phoenix?

In Phoenix, local TV channels include affiliates for major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS, among others. These channels provide a range of local news, weather, and entertainment programming.

What channel is ABC in Phoenix Antenna TV?

ABC’s Phoenix affiliate typically broadcasts on channel 15. This can vary slightly depending on your specific location and the type of antenna you use.

What time is Jeopardy on in Phoenix?

Jeopardy usually airs at 7:30 PM on weekdays. However, the schedule can vary, so it’s a good idea to check local listings.

What channel is NBC in Arizona on antenna?

NBC’s affiliate in Arizona generally broadcasts on channel 12 for viewers using an antenna.

Why can’t I get NBC and CBS on my antenna?

Several factors can affect reception, such as antenna type, placement, or obstructions blocking the signal. It may require repositioning your antenna or upgrading to a model with a longer range.

Can I watch NBC with an antenna?

Yes, you can watch NBC using a digital over-the-air antenna, as long as the signal is strong enough in your area.

Why doesn’t my antenna pick up NBC?

This could be due to signal strength, antenna position, or environmental obstructions. Try adjusting your antenna’s position or moving it closer to a window.

What local channel is NBC?

NBC’s local channel number can vary depending on your location. In many areas, it is channel 4 or channel 5.

How do I get local channel NBC?

Ensuring your antenna is correctly set up and positioned can help capture the NBC signal if it’s available in your area. Scanning for channels on your TV’s settings might also be necessary.

Is there a way to watch NBC for free?

Yes, NBC can be watched for free with a good quality digital antenna that picks up over-the-air broadcasts.

Is NBC a free to air channel?

Yes, NBC is a free-to-air network that broadcasts over the airwaves, meaning you can receive it without a cable subscription using an antenna.

Can I get NBC live without a TV provider?

NBC live can often be streamed through NBC’s app or website, although this might require a TV provider’s login. Some live TV streaming services also offer NBC.

How can I get ABC, CBS, and NBC without cable?

These networks can be received without cable by using a digital over-the-air antenna, depending on your location and signal strength.

How do I get NBC on my smart TV?

You can get NBC on your smart TV by using a digital antenna or by subscribing to a streaming service that includes NBC in its lineup.

How can I watch local channels on my smart TV for free?

Most smart TVs are equipped to SC an for local channels if connected to a digital antenna. You can also explore various free streaming services and apps.

How can I cut the cable and watch TV for free?

Utilizing a digital antenna to pick up over-the-air broadcasts or taking advantage of free streaming services online are popular ways to watch TV without a cable subscription.

Do smart TVs have a built-in antenna?

Smart TVs do not have built-in antennas but can connect to a digital antenna externally to receive over-the-air broadcasts.

How do I get local channels on my regular TV?

Connecting a digital over-the-air antenna and performing a channel scan on your TV can receive local channels.

Why won’t my TV pick up local channels?

This could be due to the incorrect setup of the antenna, poor signal strength, or the need for a channel scan on your TV.

Can a smart TV pick up local channels without an antenna?

No, to pick up local channels, a smart TV would still require an external digital antenna.

How can I watch TV without an antenna?

Online streaming services, apps, and websites offer a way to watch TV and local content without an antenna.

How can I get free local channels?

Using a digital antenna is the most straightforward way to get free local channels.

Do old TV antennas still work?

Older antennas that are capable of receiving digital signals can still work, but may not be as efficient as newer digital antennas.

Do all TVs have antenna input?

Most modern TVs have an antenna input, but very old models or certain minimalist design TVs might not.

What TV gets the best reception from an antenna?

TV reception quality is more dependent on the antenna and its positioning than the TV itself.

How do I set up an antenna to get local channels?

Connect the antenna to your TV, place the antenna in an optimal location (preferably near a window), and perform a channel scan through your TV’s settings.

What kind of antenna do I need to watch regular TV?

A digital HDTV antenna is best for capturing over-the-air broadcasts in high definition.

Is there an indoor TV antenna that actually works?

Yes, numerous indoor TV antennas work very well, especially in areas that are closer to broadcast towers.

Do indoor TV antennas really work?

Indoor TV antennas can work effectively, especially in urban areas close to broadcast sources, but performance can vary greatly based on location and environmental factors.

What is the best antenna to use without cable?

The best antenna depends on your specific location and the distance from broadcast towers but generally, amplified HDTV antennas offer good reception for both urban and rural viewers.

Who makes the best outdoor TV antenna?

Several manufacturers are noted for quality outdoor TV antennas, including Antennas Direct, Winegard, and Channel Master.

What is the simplest antenna?

A basic, non-amplified, indoor HDTV antenna is among the simplest and most straightforward to use for picking up local channels.

Where is the best place to put an indoor antenna?

The best place is often near a window or on a wall facing the direction of local broadcast towers for optimal signal reception.

What is the number one indoor antenna?

This can vary based on individual needs and location, but models from brands like Mohu, Antennas Direct, and Winegard consistently receive high ratings.

Does aluminum foil boost antenna signal?

Yes, sometimes placing aluminum foil on or around an antenna can improve signal reception by increasing the surface area for signal capture.

Does an indoor antenna have to be by a window?

While placing an indoor antenna by a window often improves reception, it’s not always necessary if the signal strength is adequate.



Navigating the dynamic landscape of Phoenix television just got simpler. With this comprehensive TV guide, you’ll never miss your favorite shows again. Stay in step with the ever-changing schedules and optimize your viewing experience. Bookmark this page and keep this guide handy for all your entertainment needs in the Valley of the Sun.